sweet scottish lullaby;
sweet scottish lullaby;




   ”This, ma’am? Why it’s nothing more than an electro-biochemical neural-transmitting zero synapse repositioner. And I just need you to look right—”



          travelling with the doctor, if nothing else, had at least
             given her quick reflexes. with a small twist of her head ginger
             hair is falling like a curtain, obscuring her eyes from the path
             of whatever this stranger has in his hand. ’ ‘m not gonna look
             anywhere, thanks. especially not at your bio ——— whatever it
             is that you just said that thing was. ‘ 


Doctor Who Meme | Five brOTPs → [1/5]

↳ Eleven, Amy and Rory

"You just remember, and she’ll be there…"


friendly reminder that at the beginning of the eleventh hour amelia says “people always say that” to which the doctor replies “do i even look like people?” and then he leaves and doesn’t come back for twelve years, and then again for another two, and at the end of the episode, when amy’s in the tardis, she asks the doctor why she brought her along with him, because “people always have a reason”; then he says “do i look like people?” and she says “yes” (✿◠‿◠)

          ' and what exactly d’you plan on doin’ with that? ‘ 

for Amy



      “he’s a liar, and a rubbish flier to boot, you should know that by now.”
   she frowns harder, definitely disappointed now - they’d had plans. and in
   any case, what’s the doctor doing running around leadworth with her
   mother and not even stopping in to say hi?"it’s not even the right saturday,
   you know, it’s the saturday after you were supposed to be back. where did
   you even go?

          oh, she’s gone and done it now. gently brows furrow over
             distant hues. she is not attempting to think up an excuse, for she 
             knows that none would be acceptable, but she is cursing the doctor
             to ever version of hell she can think of. he’d kept her over a week 
             longer than he’d been meant to, the gaps of her absences were only
             getting longer each time she stepped aboard the TARDIS. would she
             be a month late next time? two months? it was hard to tell but just 
             by way of river’s expression alone she knows she’s messed up, even
             as she attempts to hide it. a mother’s eyes know. they always know. 

             ’ well, uh —— it’s hard to say. we kind of… crash landed. some sort of
             malfunction he claims but i think he just pressed the wrong button. ‘ 
             there is a pause, loaded and heavy. ’ river, i ——— am so sorry. ‘